Personal Branding: 6 Compelling Reasons Why You Should Care

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Stand Out from the crowd with Personal Branding

Personal Branding is now a household term with a zillion definitions given by different gurus. I’ve noticed that most definitions of Personal Branding gives you a feeling that it’s all about self-promotion. While self-promotion is an important part of personal branding, that definitely is not all. I’ve not read any of the personal branding books though I’ve gone through several articles on the subject.  My simple definition of a personal brand will be

Personal Brand = Value + Visibility

What differentiates a personal brand from the crowd is the promise of a unique value. For example, Ed Tate ( is a professional speaker and trainer. The tagline on his website reads  ‘The Speaker who Energizes, Educates and Entertains’.  Another speaker uses the tagline ‘Professional speaker and trainer with 20 years of experience’. Now, other things being equal, whom will you hire? The promise by Ed Tate is obviously hard to resist. While he has sharpened his skills to make sure that the promised value is delivered, he is also giving it the required visibility through his website and blog.

Personal Branding is relevant not just for the self-employed professionals but also for corporate employees. I will write about that in detail later. Now let us see the reasons why you should care about branding yourself:

Personal Branding Gives You Focus

There is a saying ‘A person who aims at nothing is sure to hit it’. The top most reason for career stagnation is lack of career direction. A crystal clear goal is essential for personal branding. This helps you to focus your actions towards achieving this goal.

Personal Branding Makes You Visible

As mentioned before self-promotion is an important aspect of personal branding. This gives you more visibility. When others know about your strengths and the unique value that you promise, it’s easy for them to come to you whenever there is a suitable opportunity.

Personal Branding Gives You an Expert Status

Without personal branding, you will be just one among the lot. Proper branding and promotion gives you the status of an expert. For example, I could’ve described my blog as ‘Ravi Moosad’s Blog’ and written the same posts what I write now. However, in that case, it’s hardly different from a million personal blogs. Hence, I’ve described it as ‘Career Transformation Catalyst’. This will hopefully give me the status of a career transformation expert over time.

Personal Branding Makes You Confident

Recognition as a brand and related success makes you more confident about the value of the service that you are providing. This confidence is enough to attract even more potential customers.

Personal Branding Gives You Resilience

Economy goes through ups and downs all the time. However a magnetic brand will always be in demand so far as you deliver the promised unique value.

Personal Branding Makes You Wealthy

Personal Branding is not just about providing value, it’s also about charging a premium fee for the value that you offer.

Have you seriously thought about branding yourself?


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