7 Reasons Why I’m About to Explode my Comfort Zone!


I’m going to do something too weird, crazy &  uncomfortable. Division H Toastmasters (Abu Dhabi) is conducting a Talent Show/Competition and I’ve signed my participation form for the Fashion Show!!!!!

Why is it a Crazy Decision

  1. My passion for fashion is ZERO. I never read/watch/hear anything related to fashion. I admit that I used to watch lingerie and swimsuit shows in Fashion TV as a teenager but you know it has nothing do with fashion as such.
  2. My criteria to buy cloths are Comfort, Convenience and Cost. I don’t even know what is trendy or fashionable.
  3. Now a days I’m too fat for most good looking cloths, although it doesn’t matter since I look cool even in bad dress :-).
  4. This is how I select dress from cupboard:  Put my right hand in the cupboard and take whatever I touch first. In fact, I’m thinking of buying 3-4 exactly similar pairs of cloths so that I don’t need to select at all. If you have ever watched Monk you’ll exactly know what I mean.

Why I hate breaking Comfort Zone

As I’ve mentioned in one of my previous article about comfort zone, I believe I need to stretch my comfort zone only if two conditions are met.

  1. There is an inner desire to do something but..&
  2. I’m staying away because I’m unfamiliar with it.

Being part of a fashion show do not meet the 1st criteria.

7 Reason I Decided to Do it Anyway

For the reasons given below, I have decided to give it a try anyway:

  1. I may start enjoying it. There are thing you won’t like until you experience it.
  2. It could train me to deal with unfamiliar situations easily in future.
  3. I don’t want to regret. I still regret about things I didn’t do in the past. Even if you feel you may not enjoy an activity, it’s a good idea to do it and confirm.
  4. It could awaken new talents sleeping inside me :-).
  5.  It could increase my awareness about my own strengths and weaknesses
  6.  No publicity is bad publicity. Even if I become a joker on stage, more people will know that I exist :-).
  7. It is hard to convince Pratima (my wonderful friend who inspired me to take part) and Rency (my friend & organizer of the event who rejected my withdrawal) otherwise :-).

Have you ever come out of comfort zone? Was it a good experience?


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