My Bucket List for a Happier 2014


2013 was a great year for me as far as new year resolutions are concerned. Contrary to my past records, I did achieve some of my goals. I lost 7 kg weight, started making some money online (although not a significant amount), started tracking my expenses regularly, spent a lot of great time with my son etc. My significant failure was not learning Arabic as per the plan. I’ve a 20 point plan for 2014 which I hope can make me way more happier. The list is given below. I wish all of you a great new year.

  1. Spend Less Time Online – It killing my creativity, making me unproductive and not making me happy
  2. Watch No Television – Did not find any program enjoyable during the year except for some comedy shows which I can watch ad-free in you tube
  3. Watch No Indian Movies – 80% of the movies I watched were horrible. Why do something if the failure rate is 80%
  4. Buy No New Gadgets – I have all gadgets I need.. if not more
  5. Buy Less Things in General – I had an analysis of my life so far and found that ‘things’  particularly do no make me happy
  6. Throw Away All Unwanted Stuff – I hate clutter
  7. Read More (Both Fiction & Non Fiction) – Detective/Crime fiction and a variety of non-fiction
  8. Write More (Blog) – My plan is to post at least an article every week
  9. Care Less About ‘Being Perfect’ – Most of my plans fail because I want to do it perfectly
  10. Make a Stable Income Stream Online – I earn a small amount online. Want to increase the amount and make it more stable too
  11. Call People rather than email or chat or text – This way I’ll contact fewer people but will have better connections
  12. Meet People in Person – Same reason as above
  13. Exercise Regularly – Because.. you know why
  14. Eat Good Stuff – Again.. you know why
  15. Eat Only When Hungry – If I’m eating when not hungry, probably I’m eating food meant for somebody else.. Ok.. I just want to be healthier
  16. Help People – Happiest moments in my life are those when I was able to bring a genuine smile on somebody else’s face
  17. Learn Arabic – I’ve started liking Arabic culture more than before.. I think learning language would be great idea
  18. Spend More Time with Arjun – He is going back to India this year while I’m staying back for the time being. Yet, I’ll be with him whenever possible
  19. Sharpen Technical Skill Required at Work – I should do justice to my pay cheque
  20. Join Aam Aadmi Party – This won’t happen since I’m not in India… Just a wish

Do you have a 2014 bucket list?


  1. i like your bucket list, and decided to create my own. Most items in your bucket list will apply to mine as well.

  2. Now that we are almost at the end of 2014, have you bucketed this list or not yet! Curious to know about no. 17?? 😀

  3. hehehehehe … well look at it as a good thing. Now you have something to look forward to. Its really not that hard – there are plenty of books. Just get one which is seriously simple. Then ask an Arabic colleague at work to converse three sentences with you in Arabic and you reply to him/her accordingly in Arabic. A little heads up – you ought to choose which Arabic you want to learn – Egyptian, Lebanese, Jordanian or UAE. A majority of the words are the same – but some words are distinctly different. All the best!

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