My Bucket List for a Happier 2014


2013 was a great year for me as far as new year resolutions are concerned. Contrary to my past records, I did achieve some of my goals. I lost 7 kg weight, started making some money online (although not a significant amount), started tracking my expenses regularly, spent a lot of great time with my son etc. My significant failure was not learning Arabic as per the plan. I’ve a 20 point plan for 2014 which I hope can make me way more happier. The list is given below. I wish all of you a great new year.

  1. Spend Less Time Online – It killing my creativity, making me unproductive and not making me happy
  2. Watch No Television – Did not find any program enjoyable during the year except for some comedy shows which I can watch ad-free in you tube
  3. Watch No Indian Movies – 80% of the movies I watched were horrible. Why do something if the failure rate is 80%
  4. Buy No New Gadgets – I have all gadgets I need.. if not more
  5. Buy Less Things in General – I had an analysis of my life so far and found that ‘things’  particularly do no make me happy
  6. Throw Away All Unwanted Stuff – I hate clutter
  7. Read More (Both Fiction & Non Fiction) – Detective/Crime fiction and a variety of non-fiction
  8. Write More (Blog) – My plan is to post at least an article every week
  9. Care Less About ‘Being Perfect’ – Most of my plans fail because I want to do it perfectly
  10. Make a Stable Income Stream Online – I earn a small amount online. Want to increase the amount and make it more stable too
  11. Call People rather than email or chat or text – This way I’ll contact fewer people but will have better connections
  12. Meet People in Person – Same reason as above
  13. Exercise Regularly – Because.. you know why
  14. Eat Good Stuff – Again.. you know why
  15. Eat Only When Hungry – If I’m eating when not hungry, probably I’m eating food meant for somebody else.. Ok.. I just want to be healthier
  16. Help People – Happiest moments in my life are those when I was able to bring a genuine smile on somebody else’s face
  17. Learn Arabic – I’ve started liking Arabic culture more than before.. I think learning language would be great idea
  18. Spend More Time with Arjun – He is going back to India this year while I’m staying back for the time being. Yet, I’ll be with him whenever possible
  19. Sharpen Technical Skill Required at Work – I should do justice to my pay cheque
  20. Join Aam Aadmi Party – This won’t happen since I’m not in India… Just a wish

Do you have a 2014 bucket list?




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