10 Ways Blogging Boosts Your Career Growth and Earning Potential

Blogging can boost your career growth and earning potential.

Blogging can boost your career growth and earning potential.

A well planned and focused blog could do wonders for your career. What comes up when somebody Googles your name is very critical. If it’s your awesome blog what welcomes people, it is sure to impress them. A blog also helps you discover yourself, widens your horizons and opens up a zillion opportunities.  If it’s time for a career change or career transformation, I highly recommend you start a blog immediately. I would recommend it even for fresh graduates who are hunting for jobs. The major reasons why I recommend it are given below:

It Helps You Build a Professional Network:  Ever since I’ve started blogging, I’m getting connected to new like-minded people (most of whom are awesome readers like you). Some of them are real big players in their fields.  A blog on your area of interest is a definite way to build your network.  You can get noticed by experts in the industry by publishing interviews with them on your blog.

It Helps You Build a Strong Personal Brand: I’ve written a post before about the reasons why you need to build a person brand. Your digital footprint plays a key role in defining your personal brand. Your personal blog is completely in your control and you can build your awesome online identity in the way you like to.

It Keeps You Updated and Sharp: Most bloggers spend more time on researching a topic than actually writing a post. If you are serious about people reading your blog, you need to write often. If want to generate quality content at regular intervals, you have to read more, research more and think really deep. All these will keep your knowledge updated and sharp.

It Gives You an Expert Status: When you research, learn and write, you will (rightfully) get an ‘expert status’. Expertise in any field, as you know, is always in demand.

It Could Give You Book Deals:  If you have both writing skills and a good readership base, you can probably negotiate a book deal. An author needs credibility and a popular blog gives you just that. There are countless successful blogger-turned-authors.

It Could Give You Speaking Opportunities: It’s a wise idea to get some public speaking classes while you develop your blog. Popular bloggers often get paid speaking opportunities.

It Makes You Standout:  To grab any job opportunity, you need to survive heavy competition. Very often there are 100+ applicants for a single vacancy. If you want to get noticed, you need standout. Since majority of the job seekers in the world doesn’t have a blog, having one will make you stand out.

It Opens Opportunities for Additional Income: Website traffic is a huge asset. You can generate money from traffic in several ways. Advertisement and affiliate marketing are the most common methods bloggers generate money from traffic.

It Makes You a Better Communicator:  Even if you have the most ground breaking idea, if it’s not communicated well, you are unlikely to get readers. You will need to keep on tweaking your writing skills which over time will make you a great communicator.

It Will Help You to Become Self Employed: In the process of building a great blog, you will develop a number of new skills. One such skills is marketing skills. Once you acquire expertise, good readership base and marketing skills it becomes quite easy for you to start something on your own.

Do you own a blog currently? Do you feel a blog could boost your career?


  1. So blogging is sharing your passion on the web?

    • Simi: You can share anything through blog. However if want it to help your career you should streamline the blog content to match your career goal. I’m passionate about many subjects but I blog about career transformation, personal branding and public speaking only since I want to be known as an expert in these areas. I hope you get the idea. Thanks for commenting.

  2. Shimla Ephreme says:

    Hi Ravi,
    its really pleasure to read ur blog.. good motivational topics.. keep up the good work. Write more n more so that many will get benefited.

  3. Good motivating blog, really beneficial, continue blogging
    for the better future not for you only, but for us too

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