What’s Better than Being the Best?

Being Different

“Be the Number One in What You Do” is a cliched phrase used to motivate people. The drawback of this statement is that it is not a win-win formula. Since there can be only one Number one, everybody cannot be a winner.

Is it Fair that Everybody Cannot be a Winner?

When I was a student, my dad never pushed me to become number one. Instead, he used to tell me ‘Being number one is about inborn talent and hard work. You might be talented and very hard working but there could be another person who is more talented and equally hardworking. However, with hard work alone, you can definitely be one among the best, though not necessarily the number one’.

Being number one or the best is not just about determination or passion or effort. There is a major determining factor on which we have no control. That is ‘Luck’ or’Fate’ or whatever name you call it. Your luck could manifest in many ways. It could be your DNA, your dad’s bank account, the country you are born in or just right things happening at the right time. If you fall behind others in the game due to the factors you can’t control, It’s not fair.

Is There a Formula Where All can Win?

I think the solution is to be unique than number one. You can’t be the best in somebody’s game but if you create the game, you will always be on the top. The best thing about this is that every person can be a champion.

What’s the Key to Uniqueness?

In my opinion, we are all born unique. However, we tend to follow the trend for acceptance. Rather than changing our original nature, if we try to refine and polish it, we can express our true self and be unique. We need the courage to swim against the current and the courage to ignore plenty of criticism if you want to be unique. Discover your natural abilities and apologetically define your game and be the champion.  Always remember the quote below:

“If You Are The Best, You Are The Number One.

If You Are Unique, You Are the ONLY One”


What’s Your Sticker Price

You Are Awesome

The sticker price of a product is very important. That’s because a customer never offers to pay a penny more than the sticker price or that’s the maximum value of a product. Similarly, the value that you place on yourself is your greatest value.

In the past, I have always kept my sticker price abysmally low. Even when I have achieved a lions feat, I have presented myself as a sheep who  had tasted success by luck.  In fact, that’s what I honestly believed. To make the matter worse, the people around me  were  very happy to buy the story of a lucky sheep. As stated before, no one will ever value you more than you do. If you sell yourself as a lion, others will accept you at least as a wolf.

It’s no secret that negative self-image is a growing problem, especially, among the young generation. Continuous exposure to social media like Facebook deepens this problem. People often compare themselves with the perfect images and stories posted by others and the appreciation that they receive. This is usually followed by desperate attempts to get more approval and appreciation for themselves. They need to understand that, love, affection or appreciation are never to be chased because a person’s  value do not depend on others’ ability to see it.

Every one of you should learn to love the person you see in the mirror every day. When your self-worth goes up, your net worth goes up.  Always keep your sticker price high!


“ I Can’t Change The Direction Of The Wind, But I Can Adjust My Sails To Always Reach My Destination.” -Jimmy Dean-